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Root canal treatment and any related endodontic procedures are performed to effectively clean and seal the innermost part of a tooth’s roots. The purpose is to save your tooth from extraction, prevent pain, and relieve any existing pain. You would be surprised at how comfortable these procedures are! At Midtown Root Canal, our goal is simple and practical- save teeth that legitimately can be saved to promote long term health!


Diagnosis of dental disease is an art and a science! It requires the gathering of information as well as performing multiple subjective and objective examinations. We first review your dental, medical, and pain history and combine the gathered information with a clinical examination and x-ray images. We then use this information to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Achieving proper diagnosis should be done with near 100% accuracy. Accurate diagnosis and the ability to understand why a specific tooth is infected, particularly for retreatments, will allow the doctor to choose the best and most predictable course of treatment.

At Midtown Root Canal our approach is always practical. We give you the most ideal treatment option and discuss the pros, cons, and expected outcome of every case. The diagnosis and the extent of damage to the pulp and/or surrounding bone varies from patient to patient and from tooth to tooth. Every infection in some capacity falls along a spectrum of a questionable disease state to that of an advanced disease state. In some cases, saving a tooth that requires extensive corrective treatment is not in a patient’s best interest and we will advise extraction or other alternative options.

The team at Midtown Root Canal has the training and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose your root canal infection. We work tirelessly from both a non-surgical and surgical approach to treat and save even the most difficult of case!

Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is a procedure that should effectively clean the innermost part of a tooth’s roots. The purpose- save your tooth from extraction, prevent pain, and relieve any existing pain.

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of root canal treatment is not to simply remove the nerve that is inside the tooth’s roots; it is to clean, disinfect, and seal the space occupied by the dental pulp. In addition, high quality root canal treatment will give your body the chance to regenerate bone and tissue that was damaged by infection.

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How is root canal treatment performed?

We start by getting your tooth and surrounding tissues numb. The tooth is then isolated with a special rubber covering (dental dam). It is used to prevent any saliva from entering the inside of the tooth during the procedure and to protect you from accidentally swallowing any debris or materials. The doctor will then make a small opening through the center of the tooth and remove any existing decay and old filling materials. The canal spaces in the center of your tooth are then located and completely cleaned down to the very tip of the root. Special measuring devices are used to help determine the exact length of each canal space. After completely cleaning the tooth, it is then sealed with a special calcium-based cement and inert gutta percha material to prevent any future bacterial growth or reinfection.

How does a root canal infection develop?

The center of the tooth is occupied by the dental pulp which consists of nerve tissue, vascular tissue, and lymphatic elements. The dental pulp can get infected by bacteria that makes its way into the sterile pulp space by way of tooth decay, cracks, deep fillings, and unsealed dental fillings.

What if I choose to delay treatment?

If treatment is delayed, the dental pulp will eventually break down (necrosis of the dental pulp) and begin to infect the surrounding bone. The immune system will do its best to wall-off this infection in the jaw bone. However, if left untreated, pain and swelling (dental abscess) will develop with time. Early endodontic intervention will stop the infection in its tracks, stop the pain from increasing, and have the highest success rate in saving your tooth!

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