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Technology Gallery Img 4Root canals may need to have retreated for a multitude of reasons. This can include poor root canal treatment, poor oral hygiene, failure to restore a tooth in a timely fashion, or recurrent dental decay. It’s important to see a highly experienced and patient endodontist. It will save you from pain, losing a tooth, and from more costly tooth replacement options. A tooth that is retreated with the greatest disinfection protocol, has the highest chance of being saved long term. Patients shouldn’t have their teeth extracted without first consulting an endodontist trained in surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatment.

Cross-section of an infected root canal filling in need of retreament:

Cross-section of an infected root canal filling in need of retreament:

A tooth such as this one would have required a root canal retreatment. Notice the black/blue spaces surrounding the pink root canal filling? This discoloration is the colonization bacteria and bacterial-by products. A proper initial root canal would have eliminated the bacteria in the first place (another reason to see a skilled endodontist the first time!). During retreatment of a root canal, the previous filling material along with any other infected contents is removed from the tooth, and the tooth is effectively disinfected and resealed.


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501 5th Avenue, Suite #2101 New York, NY 10017