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1. Radiographic Images
Root Canal Treatment Case 1

Case 1: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #3

Root Canal treatment Case 2

Case 2: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #18

Root Canal Treatment Case 3

Case 3: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #14 with 4 canals and sharp curvatures of the MB root

Root Canal Treatment Case 4

Case 4: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #31

Root Canal Treatment Case 5

Case 5: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #14

Root Canal Treatment Case 6

Case 6: Retreatment: Tooth #13 and #15, Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #14

Root Canal Treatment Case 7

Case 7: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #14 and #15

Root Canal Treatment Case 8

Case 8: Root Canal Treatment: Tooth #3. Tooth #4 is planned for extraction due to a compromised restorative prognosis and unusual prior RCT and pattern of bone loss.

Root Canal Treatment Case 9

Case 9: Root Canal Treatment of Tooth #4 with planned excavation and RCT of tooth #3 and #5.

Root Canal Treatment Case 10

Case 10: CT pre-treatment planning for continuation of a previously initiated Root Canal Treatment. Note the separated instrument in the midroot section of the mesio-buccal root of tooth #15

Root Canal Treatment Case 11

Case 11: CT image of missed DB and MB2 canal of tooth #14 during previous root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment Case 12

Case 12: Pre-surgical planning for an apicoectomy and graft/ collagen membrane tooth #8

2. Clinical Photos
Clinical Case 1

Case 1: Mandibular Molar- 6 canals! (These canals were found with the use of a microscope. This case presents the importance of utilizing a microscope during root canal treatment. Without the microscope it would be practically impossible to locate and clean all 6 canals in this tooth which certainly  increases the long-term prognosis of this tooth)

Clinical Case 2

Case 2: Thorough disinfection of a maxillary first molar using EDTA for inorganic debris removal and NaOCl for disinfection.

Clinical Case 3

Case 3: Post removal using ultrasonic tips during Root Canal Retreatment

Clinical Case 4

Case 4: Disinfection of MB1 and MB2 canals

Clinical Case 5

Case 5: Retreatment and sealing of a perforation defect with a bioceramic sealer of a mandibular molar.

Clinical Case 6

Case 6: Obturation (sealing of the root canal space) of Tooth #12

Clinical Case 7

Case 7: Tooth #3: Locating and initial instrumentation of MB2 using a 0.06mm diameter C-file

Clinical Case 8

Case 8: Lingual Access: Tooth #8 and #9 for Root Canal Treatment

Clinical Case 9

Case 9: Maxillary Molar Access with 4 canals. MB1,MB2,DB, and Palatal

Clinical Case 10

Case 10: Disinfection of a maxillary first molar with 4 canals

Clinical Case 11

Case 11: Sealer placement into MB1 and MB2 Canals

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