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Pediatric Regenerative Care

My 7 year old daughter developed a severe cavity on an adult tooth. We tried a dozen different places but no one was willing to perform a root canal on her because of her age. I was referred to Dr. Jakob by a dentist who turned us down. Could not have been more happy with his work. He developed a great relationship with my daughter and even played her Katy Perry songs during the procedure. We highly recommend him and his team.”  – Skender M.

At Midtown Root Canal, Dr. Jakob treats children with early dental decay (cavities) that results in pulpal disease, and traumatic injuries. Dr. Jakob has the didactic and clinical training necessary to manage these complex and often times difficult to manage cases. His caring and warm personality, as well as his expertise and ease as a doctor makes children feel comfortable and safe. As an endodontist, Dr Jakob enjoys the opportunity to communicate with parents and children regarding pulpal disease, first time root canal treatment, and regenerative therapies.

Regenerative endodontic therapy is an exciting area of endodontics that uses a child’s own stem cells (located in the tooth and utilized during treatment) to regenerate and return an immature and infected tooth back to proper growth and development.

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501 5th Avenue, Suite #2101 New York, NY 10017