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Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Diagnosis of dental disease is an art and a science! It requires the gathering of information as well as performing multiple subjective and objective examinations. We first review your dental, medical, and pain history and combine the gathered information with a clinical examination and x-ray (and or 3D CT images) images. We then use this information to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Achieving proper diagnosis should be done with near 100% accuracy. Accurate diagnosis and the ability to understand why a specific tooth is infected, particularly for retreatments and in the assessment of referred pain patterns, will allow the doctor to choose the best and most predictable course of treatment.

At Midtown Root Canal our approach is always practical. We give you the most ideal treatment option and discuss the pros, cons, and expected outcome of every case. The diagnosis and the extent of damage to the pulp and/or surrounding bone varies from patient to patient and from tooth to tooth. Every infection in some capacity falls along a spectrum of a questionable disease state to that of an advanced disease state. In some cases, saving a tooth that requires extensive corrective treatment is not in a patient’s best interest and we will advise extraction or other alternative options.

The team at Midtown Root Canal has the training and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose your root canal infection. We work tirelessly from both a non-surgical and surgical approach to treat and save even the most difficult of cases!

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501 5th Avenue, Suite #2101 New York, NY 10017