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Cracked Tooth Syndrome and Management

It can generally be difficult to diagnose cracked tooth syndrome because the cracks may be too small to be seen on an X-Ray. At Midtown Root Canal we have the technology and the expertise to diagnose, manage, and treat such cases. Clinically, they can usually be seen under the high magnification and bright light of a dental microscope. Some cracks need to be observed with a special dye (methylene blue) and with digital photo documentation. In some instances, a tooth would require a crown to prevent further spread of the crack and help avoid damage to the tooth’s pulp. When a crack does extend to the pulp space, it creates a new passageway for bacteria to invade the inside of the tooth (likened to an infection caused by tooth decay). At this point a root canal and crown may be recommended to avoid further pain and infection.

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501 5th Avenue, Suite #2101 New York, NY 10017